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About me

People shape people.

Whether we realise it or not - we’re shaped by the people around us. We can all remember a person who had a positive impact on our lives. For me, it was my amazing mother.

When I was growing up with dyslexia, she created a place where I could use my strengths and not be defined by my weakness. This is why I believe that, given the right environment, everyone can thrive! It’s also why I want to start a global conversation about empathy in the workplace by spreading a ‘WEmindset™’.

Exploring organizational culture.

Over the past ten years I’ve worked in six different countries, and interviewed over 100 inspirational people who are leading the way in building people-centered and transformational organizations.

Through my experiences I’ve uncovered a better way to help people thrive in the workplace: and it’s through Workplace Empathy. We often overlook the impact we have on the people around us, yet this is the most effective way to create healthier and more collaborative workplaces and cultures.

Helping organizations create healthier and more collaborative and innovative cultures has led me to develop the WEmindset™ services.


List of companies Emma has interviewed - Accenture, SAP, Deloitte, Zoom, Steelcase, Catapult, Itau, US Dept of Veteran Affairs, Tesltra, Adur and Worthing Councils, Innovation Studio Fukuoka, Spotify, Bumrumgrad Interational

A passion for empathy.

I want to start a global conversation about empathy in the workplace, by spreading the ‘WEmindset’.

When we switch gears – individually and as organizations – to move towards curiosity and empathy, we make better collective decisions. Individual oxytocin levels increase, which in turn promotes connection, more laughter, and more happiness at work. When leaders co-create this shift with employees, everyone in the organisation feels like they are seen, heard, and belong.

Work with me.

I’m now based in Portland, Oregon USA, and I want to connect with organizations who put empathy at the heart of what they do.

I’m looking for leadership teams who want to develop better organizational health, build more inclusive teams, and put a focus on people before processes. I want to support these leaders to deliver a new style of leadership from the heart, and to help their team members to feel they can show up as themselves and keep their curiosity alive.


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