Dr Emma Jefferies

Hi, I’m Dr. Emma Jefferies.

I’m an organizational designer with a passion for helping others to thrive by embracing empathy.

I have co-authored two books on transforming organizations to become people-centered; worked with a Big 4 management consulting firm; explored how empathy is adding value to organizations across the world; and shared the knowledge I’ve gained through my career experience and PhD research as a keynote speaker.

I’m at my happiest when I see people growing together – and I’ve found that the best way to do this is to co-create work environments that let everyone:

Increase their self awareness

Understand their impact on others

Share their own stories

Be heard, seen, feel valued - and thrive!

I am dyslexic – which I believe has enabled me to keep my creative curiosity, to value everyone’s views of the world, and to have the courage to lead others into new (and sometimes uncomfortable) places of learning. The pleasure I get from enabling people to reinvent processes so they can see the world through the eyes of others, is what keeps me learning and growing.

The legacy I want to leave is a system where no person gets left behind, and everyone can fully realize their strengths.

What people say about my work.

Gill Kennedy
Digital Inclusion, Standards & Culture Lead, HM Revenue & Customs

I worked alongside Emma and supported her in the development of the ME WE Workplace Empathy programme in HMRC and other government departments. Emma lights up the room when she enters it - her passion, commitment and motivation are just a few of her excellent qualities. Because of Emma’s encouragement and belief in me, my confidence has grown and I’m taking on challenges I never dreamed of.

Alex Kean
Head of Product Management, Department of Work and Pensions

Emma understood that people were feeling more and more isolated, and wanted to feel more connected. Emma leads from curiosity, and her passion to try new things is inspirational for other people to follow. It has been amazing to support her on this journey.

Barbara Price
Lead Product Manager, HM Revenue & Customs

Emma has been inspirational in her drive to introduce empathy into the workplace, and I have learnt a lot from supporting her with the introduction of the ME WE Workplace Empathy Programme. Emma’s passion for empathy has encouraged me to learn more about myself and to improve my own self-awareness, and enabled me to ‘sell’ empathy across my professional area and beyond.


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