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The ME WE program

Getting stuck in the ME mindset.

When we’re stressed we can get stuck in a ME mindset. This is when we go into our own heads and our empathy switch is turned off.

When we focus solely on goals, tasks or stress – we can often overlook the way by which we get there. We value ‘process’ before people. It feels lonely and our decisions begin to come from fear. Our human empathy is switched off, and we cannot read the people around us.

Shifting to a WE mindset.

Workplace Empathy (a WE mindset) is having a curiosity to understand your own and other people’s experience of the world, and using that understanding to guide your actions at work.

We move into a WE mindset when we shift our attention towards meeting everyone’s needs – including our own. When we work from a WE mindset our wellbeing and productivity improve, we feel less stressed, and we start to see positive impact upon our life outside of work. Fear is no longer in the driving seat. As teams, we become more confident collaborators – more resilient, and capable of making better decisions.

Program activities.

The ME WE Program begins with one conversation within your team.

This leads to a series of ME WE Program activities that take place over a period of 10 weeks. The activities are designed to help individuals reflect on their behavior, and learn about how they are impacting each other.

They focus on how you:


Active listening, and learning how to hear each other right


Exploring your biases, and getting friendly with judgment


Understanding how we receive feedback, and the different ‘hats’ we wear depending on the challenges we face


Communicating with individuals, and between teams


Moving beyond roles and grades, to see people as human beings

The activities are short, simple and practical, and they can be completed as part of the day to day work. Every two weeks the team comes back together to share the stories of what they’ve learned through the activities.

As more and more teams and leaders come on board with the WE mindset, a community begins to build within the organization – one that’s spread across all functions (not just the HR department), and is geared towards valuing collaboration over competition.

My hope is that by spreading the WE mindset, the places where we spend most of our days can promote a healthy work environment – moving beyond seeing our differences as something that sets us apart, and towards seeing them as a way of adding value to organizations.

Where it’s already working.

These are just some of the organizations where the #WEmindset is being spread today:

What people are saying.

Annette Cuthbertson
Customer Insight & Design Lead, HMRC

“I’ve been working closely with Emma over the last year to support the development of her Empathy Programme. Emma is a skilled, intelligent and highly empathetic person who’s drive and passion knows no boundaries - and the ME WE Empathy programme is simple, effective and infectious. The gift that keeps on giving. I’m proud to continue supporting Emma on her journey to help humanise what we do in the civil service and beyond.”

Are you the curious one?.

All it takes to kickstart the WE mindset, is for one person in a team to get curious.

Do you want to restructure your business to break down silos? Are you a leader who wants to turn around organisational morale? A team member who wants to improve ways of working with your colleagues?

Whatever your workplace situation, if you’d like to start a conversation about empathy and how it could help then I’d love to spend 30 minutes talking with you about the challenges you face. You can book in a call with me via my Calendly, or send a message to connect with me.


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