Design Transitions: Inspiring stories. Global Viewpoints. How Design is Changing is now out!

We are very excited to announce that Design Transitions is now available on Amazon. Dr. Joyce Yee, Dr. Lauren Tan and I present a picture of how design is changing across the globe. In a time when design is going through a huge transition, Tim Brown (who we are very honoured to have as the author of our foreword) commented:

“Perhap the most interesting creative opportunity for design today is to redesign the very nature of design itself.” p.7

We are really grateful to all of the people that have given up their time to make this happen – thank you so much, from the people that suggested stories to capture, to our publisher and all of the individuals that give up their time to talk to and write for us, as well as the people that hosted me during the Walkabout – your input was invaluable to our understanding of how design is changing in every culture.

Vicky Teinaki – our website designer – has pointed out that, unbeknownst to all the authors, 42 was the meaning of life according to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. We had captured 42 stories of how design was changing around the global, and it was the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Design Research that helped to kickstart this exploration!

We hope to co-host book launches with the people that have shared their stories, so we are really excited to see what the response will be. We will be publishing all of the conversations that we have had on the book website at

Book Synopsis
Design Transitions presents 42 unique and insightful stories of how design is changing around the world. Twelve countries are represented from the perspectives of three different communities: design agencies, organizations embedding design; and design academics. The range of design disciplines covered include Design Innovation, Service Design, Social Design, Product Future; Design Art.

We have an amazing list of contributors and practices sharing their stories. Here is the full list:
Droog / BERG / Superflux / PHUNK / Fjord / live|work Brazil / User Studio / WorkPlayExperience / thinkpublic / FutureGov / We Are What We Do / Snook / Uscreates / STBY / Hakuhodo Innovation Lab / DesignThinkers Group / Idiom / INSITUM / Optimal Usability / frog Asia / designaffairs Shanghai / Claro Partners / Asilia / Zilver Innovation / Ziba
Novabase / ISVOR / Radboud REshape / InWithFor & The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) / Minas Gerais Office of Strategic Priorities

Robert Young / Tom Inns / Banny Banerjee / Paul Rodgers / Mike Press / Lucy Kimbell / Carlos Teixeira / Ezio Manzini / Cameron Tonkinwise / Andrea Siodmok / Xin Xiangyang / Adam Greenfield

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