New Global Mission: Capturing how Design is Changing Across Sectors

On January 2015 we got the great news from our publisher that with a working title called ‘Design Transformations: Hidden Worlds. Crossing Sectors. How Organisations are innovating.’

But why start again!

Since publishing ‘Design Transitions’ – that provided a global picture of how design company where changing across 5 continents, my co-authors Joyce and Lauren and I had wondered – what it would be like to capture the voice of people transforming organisations and system through design? What would it feel like and what would it mean to them the people they work with?  Often they worlds are hidden, it would be capture the voice of people leading the change, which mostly likely may not someone that has a design background.

In touring the ‘Design Transitions’ across the global in 2014, were asked what next for design, our new terrain section in ‘Design Transitions’, we had observed different sectors were again different value from embedding design or testing out design approach into their organizations. From governments policing public policy before their get too big to fail, to a car organization through facilitating creative process reforming how they collaborate to improve strategic planning. So in our new book we are looking to capture what value each sectors through engaging with design.  Everyone time design move to a new sectors each side reshape and reframe the practices. So understanding how design is crossing sectors, or how design is many sectors collaborate and develop new value together?

How we are starting?

To be honest, I don’t know. What we know is that in 2012 when starting ‘Design Transitions’ we had to learn to share the voice of the designer leading the changing their company, I think the same is will be true here. Apart from it being a bigger challenge as we need to be fully aware of the context and language each of each sectors, to actually tell the story for of each sector is translating design into their own context. When talking with the Brazilian local government, they were talking about ‘actors’ all the time, when in may language it was stakeholders. So there is so much learning to be done, which we are all excited about. It was only through good conversations we build a rich picture of how design is changing in the last book,, we just hope on our new mission we can do the same again, revealing how design is changing across sectors.

So we are starting by putting a list together of where we should be look in different sectors, but if would be fab if you known any organisations we should be featuring across the following sectors:

  1. Government / Policy
  2. Healthcare
  3. Voluntary Sector
  4. Education & Training
  5. Management Consulting
  6. Consumer Product Companies
  7. Financial Services
  8. Telco
  9. Technology / Digital Services

Hopefully all being well we should published in 2017. Personally I really want to challenge what it meaning is organizations is. If you like to read more about the #DesignTransformations – here is a quick overview.

If it could be of interest, some of reflection which lead us to this point have been published by on



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